Monday, December 19, 2016

christmas all through the south

the novel bakers presents~

you could say i am going to be odd woman out on this book, after all mlee and mary are the true southerners, but don't think i didn't enjoy this book living on the west coast!
every chapter is filled with beautiful ideas and pictures on how to enjoy your southern Christmas...

and of course menu planning is abundant

while as wonderful as this book is with gorgeous southern charm, i knew instantly when i opened this book that my holiday inspiration came from the twinkling lights...

but of course, mine will be a ...

we see different kind of wings here...

trees too...

and santa arrives a bit wetter~

  while you all can enjoy a traditional southern christmas,
 things are being done just a little different on the west coast, they say ...

 nope, not this year! but i want something that stands out
 shinny and bright with brilliant twinkling lights...

 i gathered driftwood and shells, lanterns and crates, creatures and lights, all to make my holiday bright! i cannot begin to tell you the delight i get having my very own lighthouse, judging from my neighborhood comments they are enjoying it too! the first night i couldn't help but wonder if all the crab boats out to sea were going to flock to me ;-)

while celebrating the lights we enjoyed

washed down with

merry christmas from the west, wishing you waves of chocolate holiday cheer~

thank you for stopping by today
we all look forward to sharing another day of
 christmas in the south on wednesday with you~
 visit a TRUE southern Christmas with ...


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