Monday, April 29, 2013

a beach diary 4-19 thru 4-28

4-19 friday

SO HAPPY TO BE BACK! after a stressful week i am extra happy to be healthy and back at the place i love. passed my test, even though i was unconscious for 16 hours, the anesthesiologist said it would only be 30'... i am extra rested and thrilled to have sea dream to recoup and regroup! before we left this morn i picked a basket of fresh lemons, i knew i was still out of it when i saw huge splats of brilliant red blood like a rorschach test on my lemons. i didn't even feel it, blood was streaming down my face from garden prickles, i wasn't really 100% sober until about 3pm...

stopped by tricia's and offered her our deck to surf, then packed up the cats and dogs and listened to our first purchased book on a cd... for 2 bucks! a brand new book too, we both love it, its riveting, scott would never read this type so was happy to force him along with me. between the trip and errands we got thru 4 discs, i only hate having to wait so long to finish it now... i still can't figure out how i got it so cheap, i had just joined prime at amazon and i wonder if they were teasing me. scott was sure it would be in chinese~

after a super quick unload, saw my feral, filled the bird feeders, i was out to water my plants in dire shape... the winds had been horrific at home, apparently much worse here... my poor apple trees are so stressed i wonder if they will recover. a kind neighbor staked my evergreen with telephone wire, will have to track down the good deed doer.

we were back out the door in 30 minutes, off to marin to get my hedgeline i had spent months tracking down. i did not want to lose those after months of working with a grower to find me a retailer that would order it for me... we took a new route for us, omg, no camera and i was just wild all the way over, first we had this super intense audio book on, then we were driving through the most pastoral country i have seen in ages, the road was filled with poppies but i was starstruck at acres of naturalized dutch iris, i have NEVER seen that ever. and so many little lakes with the lush green pastures. we passed 2 school houses 1878 and 1906, still in use. was just a real treat driving over there, with gorgeous valley views and fabulous high vistas.

as long as we were in marin i persuaded scott to slink on over to williams sonoma for me. problem was i had not eaten for 3 days and i was actually to tired to shop. we hit the cheesecake factory for an early dinner, as good of a place as any to break fasting! scott was not thrilled when i handed him the skinnylicious menu, our meals with fabulous, he handled 600 calories just fine~

rested and restored, food back in my tank i wandered thru anthropology, i just can't justify $24 per one dinner plate, i am so spoiled with homegoods... next up was pottery barn... i felt my heart flutter, that entire store is how i think, 100%... except for pricing! and worst of all they were all coastal on me... meanwhile scott is waiting for me at williams sonoma and i can't seam to get out the door of pb. i ended up collecting a small pile and had to call scott to arrive with the money... i was so happy though, between good health, filled tank and new beach trinkets i was on cloud 9, scott was just so happy that my test was good he would have given me the moon :-) raced thru ws and grabbed what we came for, could not have been a better day! stopped for groceries for the week and came back on that same charming country roads as the freeway was at a complete standstill with friday evening traffic.

got home at 6 and scott went out to mow, i watered in my desperado plants again, admired my blooming iris and then wandered over to dave and cheryls to thank them for watering and see if he was my tree fairy. since i had been unconscious the day before, and then we listened to the audio book all day, we knew nothing about the shoot out and capture. i almost was crying watching the news with them, learning another young officer had been killed. i still don't know much what happened, but i am sure the media will be covering this for a very long time. i am just grateful its over for now... caught up briefly with cheryl, we will be going out to dinner with them on saturday, but the winds ripped off their skylight last week. omg, i am so glad i was not here alone, stella said it was HORRENDOUS.

stella called to thank for 19th green~

needless to say i was in a fabulous mood all day, we went to bed to see if we could hear the news, but we don't have real tv here and things like i dream of jeannie with paul lynde were on... scott INSTANTLY fell asleep, he was sooooooooo worn our from handling my corpse for the last 24 hours that he needed his beauty rest. me... well i was up late reading, started the book mrs kennedy and me about her body guard, really enjoying it. so good to be back by the sea~

4/20 saturday

woke up at 5:30 am and grabbed my book so scott could keep sleeping. its a beautiful day, saw my feral and went out to feed him by 7, next thing i knew i was strapping on my garden apron, grabbing my gloves and planting my hedge. scott popped out at 8 with the dogs. was a gorgeous morn in the garden. he is mowing now and visiting with the neighbor while i fill in the blanks~

i am watching the ultra light spiral around the beach, to me he screams summer fun, of course this is a cold mostly foggy beach, but it looks fun fun fun, i am sure he is in down parkas and gloves, but lets pretend its warm and wonderful! i always wave at him, he comes from petaluma when the weather is nice.

scott put in a very long day primping, mowing, weed whacking two gardens, the place looks fabulous. i started the fixings for pie, but ended up having no prefab crusts to follow through... we headed into town to shop at costco, which means i was on the hunt for more plants, had a field day and bought every white not deer food plant i could find. we were riveted to our audio book, the ride just melts away as i get lost in the story.

went out to dinner with dave and cherly, 15 minutes before our meeting time i decide i needed to take a shower, so unlike me, but i love our beach cafe so much you just feel ultra casual and time doesn't matter when it always feel like family here. as i step out of the shower, 3 minutes to lift off there is knock on the door, kim and tina have come over to raid scotts brain and tool chest. everything is always so carefree and easy here, which is why i love it here so much, its just great that the neighbors all look out for each other. we talked about the wind storm that ripped off cherlys skylight, their door down below blew open, she was terrified her windows would blow out. tina told me one house had its deck blown off and another had its roof ripped off. stella told me it was the huge house i have mentioned here before, that hangs on the cliff, it just sold recently too, welcome to the coast, with your your new removable roof... oh so glad i was not here during all this! i was home and it was horrendous for 3 days, usually the wind races down the central valley, i didn't know it was the ENTIRE state being pummeled for days.

invited them to join us for dinner but they had light projects on their mined and off we went with dave and cheryl for a fun night at the cafe. lots of laughs and home to bed with a great book, it was an excellent day by the sea. mrs kennedy and me, LOVE IT! i so understand her camelot now, i have read many books on kennedy, but his take on her is excellent.

4/21 sunday

woke up at 1:30 am with too many cats purring... making me hot! rather then bother scott i slipped out with my kindle and read until i finally dosed back to sleep. again the moon was way to bright to sleep, i heard later there was a meteor shower to watch, but was told to bright to see it. was outside in the garden before 7am again, so love watering in the still of the morn with the deer a plenty, the turkeys strolling around and the clanking of the buoys.

scott was up early for the dogs, since i was in dire need of pie crusts we headed back to town before 8am, another excuse to listen to the audio book :-)

went ballistic at the grocery store, which is especially bad since we are listening to book on buddha... but i was so APPALLED i couldn't help myself. scott went to self check out so we could rush back to the beach, the attendant at the grocery store was standing 3' from us, i said do you know the code for corn, he said, yes. i don't give out codes. how else will you learn if you don't look it up. i hope if ANYONE IS READING THIS THE NAP OF YOUR HAIR IS STANDING ON END!!! i am a grown woman, how dare someone talk to me like a 5 year old, like i need to master corn code, at my store at home they would have pushed me aside, entered everything, bagged it and thanked me, but this wretched man REFUSED TO TELL US THE CODE TO CORN. remember, i am reading about the secret service now, wtf is this checkout man at the grocery store? like he is some special czar of food codes, that i must toil in the computer and learn my own numbers, because how else will i learn for the next time i want to check out, i am supposed to retain the corn code for life because i looked it up??? i demanded the manager, he couldn't have cared less, kept saying how else will i learn... like self check out is not about the fact you have 3 items and want to get out of the store in a heartbeat... oh i was sooooooooooooooooooo mad. i screamed i will never shop this store again, of course i will at mine at home, but i only wish i was the ceo and i would have fired him in a millisecond!

now remember, i am raging and have to get back in the car and learn more about buddha on the way home...

thrilled to get back to the glorious day by the beach. we eat a hearty lunch mid morning and i start to make the pies i had attempted yesterday, the now tainted pie crusts from the nasty corn code man echoing in my brain. another knock on the door and tina has come over in her pajamas to return scotts stuff. i was shocked when she arrived with a buddha beer bottle from the beach! we feared it was a glowing tsunami gift from japan, but home brewed. too funny to have a buddha arrive as we are listening about him...

we visit while i try to make 3 pies... i am not going to succeed, i just feel the trouble brewing, i can't chat and watch a clock at the same time. scott takes off to daves to pick up the 3 glass panels for a wind screen they offered us, perfect timing, i will dash tina over to meet cheryl while i have 2 minutes left on my pies. zip zap i make back in time, 3 pies cooling on the deck. now for the fun part, pop them in the oven, as tina is walking home i am chatting out on the deck with her, i walk in the door and see black smoke billowing, i knew i couldn't bake and be social at the same time, i burnt all the cuteness out of the pies :-(

as i am lifting the charred bits cheryl pops in with a bag from the bakery... who cares we just ate 20 minutes ago, she is here to share :-) we had a nice visit between her house and my house, her garden and my garden back and forth, we are yammering away. hours later i attempt to finish up the pies, i am making 3, one for us, stella and cheryl, they have to be edible! i had baked the crusts with beans in them, by the time i got back to them they were fully embedded. i spend 15' picking out the mess, admiring the pebbled bottoms like some exotic hand hammered bronze piece from the dark ages... did i mention i am making these to share? oy! finally i have some time to myself and finish off the pies to my idea of perfection... did i mention i am not fussy? i just wanted them filled and decorated, i have no room to chill them in our fridge so i deliver them hot the minute i filled them.

i have heard nothing back yet, no news is good news :-) my big fear is what if i didn't get all the beans out... a lawsuit from a pie with a chipped tooth? i will say i am not a pie person, but as i type this i have already had 3 pieces, personally i loved loved loved this triple berry pie, it was cooked to perfection even if it took 2 days to make, an extra 50 miles on the road, an encounter with code czar, was a pockmarked mess and a fire hazard, IT WAS WORTH IT!

visited with stella when i took the pie over, had to race home because tina wanted scott and i to stop by and see her light fixtures and scott was leaving early today. he had been reading the paper on the deck all day while i was visiting. reading, aka as napping on the deck... by the time i find him he is very tan and rested~

ended up cocktailing with tina a tad bit early in the afternoon, who cares, its always holiday time here! she has such a drop dead gorgeous view from her home, its only 4 houses down from us, BUT WHAT A VIEW!

came home very relaxed and scott bbq-ed our dinner and some extra for me to enjoy the rest of the week. he will be back on wed and said he looked forward to more pie then... what kind of fool is he? it will be lucky to still be here by midnight~

sadly all the fun is over and scott is on his way home... i hate when he leaves on sunday, the sunset quiet hours are my favorite time here... the dogs are fed and walked, cats fat and happy and time to just sit and stare at the sea...

or grab my book and dash back to jackie!

4/22 monday

what a night, at 8 pm here comes the night shift... 1 skunk. 2 foxes. 3 raccoons. 4 deer. by now i am to paralyzed to look for more because i have an extremely odd raccoon that is freaking me out. he is on the steps staring at me, i open the door to shoo him away and he RUNS TO ME! not normal, he is pawing the screen door as i stand there stamping my feet and barking... ok, so i locked the dogs up so they wouldn't back, someone had too! he stared me down for 30 minutes. i was uncomfy... normally i would think spray him with a hose, but he was just camped out stalking me... i gave up and went to bed to read, not happy to know i have an attack raccoon on my deck... OR else it is so tame it just was used to people :-(

fabulous calm morning, out early to feed the feral and water the plants, it is warm. saw stella at 7 so i knew i could walk the girls next. in for breakfast, i am forcing myself to wait to plant in the garden, need to stretch out the fun! had a great breakfast with the intent of just getting back to the pie :-) stella called and said she ate half last night, she said what i was thinking, not too sweet, just fresh, just perfect.

oh now this is the kind of day i live for... the weather could not have been more beautiful, 88 degrees and calm, but when you began to bake on the deck you could step off and feel a cooling breeze... spent the entire day reading, ok maybe a wee bit of napping too, outside on the deck. i finished mrs kennedy and me, EXCELLENT, loved it, i was just heartsick as the end was nearing... plotted for hours how to place the new glass panels and still have room for a fire place and hot tub, all in a very tiny tiny corner.

took the dogs to the beach with cheryl, saw stella down there for hours chatting away with her friend. dogs had a nice swim and the beach and sea was swarming with ladybugs. in the late afternoon spied 3 whales at the end of the point, they must have been napping, were there for hours. its been a long time since i was calm enough to look for them and read the day away, this is what makes sea dream so special for me, being at this absolutely calm and one with the big blue sea doing what i love best, sitting, staring and reading. heavy sigh to an excellent day. i only hope its like this when scott returns, he asked for a picnic dinner at that beach, oh how gorgeous tonight would have been~

cherly reminded i need to get museum wax for all my heavy items in an earthquake. still can't imagine how they would hold in an earthquake, but she says they swear by it, she means museums, but where are they, russia, a couple of faberage eggs with no earth movements that can topple buildings and rip fissures in the earth enough to create the bay right out my window?

yes, i will buy some anyway...

4/23 tuesday

up at 4 am with mr nick crying. i can hear the wind, its so bright when i look out i see i need to close the umbrella. i head out in the pitch black, a warm wind is blowing from the east to the sea. spent the dark hours playing online, which translates to i am not attached to my new book yet...

as the sun lifts i head out to feed the feral in my nightgown, the type that looks like it belongs in a brothel, i am used to living alone in the country, i didn't expect to see my neighbor out at this hour as undressed as i was bending down, as in all split out, as in all over. i think i saw a flicker of horror in his face when he stopped dead in his track and retreated to his driveway. i am social and love to chat, but looking like an old hooker in the dawns early light is not when i am at my best for entertaining...

the sea is filled with boats, 100s and 100s, first day of salmon season.

after an early dog walk i planted all my new plants, but not without trauma... there is no parking in our neighborhood, the man across the street has had contractors there since the day he bought the place. since i am outside, every time someone parks on the street i call over saying excuse me there is no parking here. it takes away my view, i don't come to a tiny house to stare at icky autos blocking my ocean view. this morning, for the 5th time, another man just dismissed me and said only here for 5 minutes and kept on walking. they are never here for 5 minutes... not to mention they park in front of a fire hydrant. his tone just did me in, yesterday a painter parked his wrecked RED auto on my side of the street, smack in my view taking away the beach, this morn the car parked and removed the ocean point. they all think they are special, and frankly, after being blatantly ignored at every time i say excuse me there is no parking here, i called security.

oy, never done that before either, he thought i was nuts, like i am unreasonable to want to uphold the rule, the very rules as to WHY I BOUGHT OUT HERE! he just wanted to resolve it like a typical man and i was the whiny woman, but my frustration level is high after being ignored time and time again with different people every week. well, let me just say there was an INSTANT RESPONSE! like overkill... the man that irked me came over to apologize, i explained that he was the 5th male to blow me off, i said is there not one of you that thinks hey i will do the right thing and park were i am suppose too. he shrugged his shoulder, what could he say, he certainly hadn't followed the rules, but when another male told him to do it it was instant. next comes another contractor apologizing, he was so kind, telling me their work schedules, who would be here and how long over the next month, nothing i cared about, i was just upset that when a home owner tells a trade person they can't park there NOT ONE SINGLE MAN MOVED HIS CAR AND STAYED FOR HOURS AND HOURS... its sexist and arrogant, and now security thinks i am such a bitch to whine about contractors... really sorta ruined the morn for me, i hate issues like this, i follow rules, of course he has tradesman and i completely understand needing to off load and work from your vehicle, but the cars i complained about were workman, not used for supplies etc, just blatant transportation like if i parked in a red zone at the grocery zone because it was more convenient then a distant legal parking space...

to make matters worse, the fog rolled in so thick i couldn't see the ocean anyway, but i can tell you i didn't want to look at that old red vehicle anyway! if you haven't gathered by now i am VERY VISUAL, i come here to SIT AND STARE AT THE SEA, not cars...

spent the entire day reading, by the foggy window. read 2 books and the 3rd had me so wild with nerves at 10 pm when the dog barked i leapt out of bed like i was spring loaded! the raccoon was back at the screen, even a real dog barking didn't phase it. i tried to move cassie back to the bedroom, she wouldn't budge so i grabbed a cookie in the fridge, she was having none of that either so i powered down 2 giant cookies without even knowing it i was so nervous from my book... great, its 10:30 and i am stuffing down sugar and tense, should be an easy sleep now... naturally i woke up to a nightmare of our house at home burning down, i am so easily influenced i have to be careful whenever i hold a book at night...

4/24 wednesday

pure thick foggy morn, i fed the feral in the dark and kept reading until i thought the dogs would explode. rather then plunk back down, book in hand, i made dinner early with scott coming back for the evening. he will be leaving a hot climate and returning here to cold and damp and a soothing chicken pot pie and little strawberry pies. of course i have been pretasting... before 10 am!

doug stopped by to apologize for his workers, such a nice man, i can't get over how everyone responded and apologized after dale contacted them. dale walked by and he hugged me after i apologized for making this turn into such a to do, but the reality he is the mover and shaker and they all did :-) if only he could scare away the fog~

visited with cherly a bit, she was too cold to go outside... freakin lives in colorado, but she can't handle the coast?!

spent the day reading my coast guard book totally on edge, scott pulled up on the last chapter, i was so hyped up i needed a break! we took the dogs to the beach, only one other car there, love the quiet hours to ourselves. after dinner we went to bed early, scott was out instantly, which is good, he gets 8 hours sleep even when he leaves at 4 am.

4/25 thursday

another foggy day, another bunch of quality reading time! the minute i sea gray i know just how my day will proceed.

the boys are back in town, snacking up the bird seed...

scott had his dr appointment today, i was so upset i didn't think to go with him, but all was well and i am so relieved!

stella called about all the birds in the water, went over for a little visit, we still didn't know what we were seeing.

finished a book and ended up taking a quick nap, i just can't hold my head up after 4-5 hours of sleep night after night.

took the dogs down to the headland. i felt like i was in oz... when dorothy walked through the poppies, except i was walking thru 100s of acres of iris. blue iris by the sea... the cattle keep the grass short so all you see is iris after iris, 1000s and 1000s of them. the sun was trying to peek here and there through the fog so little plants were more vibrant then others. i need to go back without the dogs or cows and just lay on my belly and shoot them for hours...

spent the evening with amazon sorting out the details for a package that was left at a communal mailbox and stolen, not delivered to our home. not a good start to prime...

4/26 friday

another cold foggy windy day by the sea, but the good news is scott arrvies back for the weekend, who cares what the weather is like! i decide to round up a quick dinner at the cafe, call stella, shout out to doug and pop in at cheryls, everyone is a go.

i made a very decadent dessert, love to cook early so when i am too tired to hold my head up after 4 hours sleep i have already done my cooking first thing. i made nigellas hot chocopots, they look horrid... i put them outside to cool then went to cheryls forgetting them in the icy wind... the good news is the birds didn't eat them, bad news is they collapsed and look awful. good news is they taste great :-)

spent the day reading a very odd book, which for me means excellent. the quirkier, the happier i am... the book is a very slow read for me, i can get no rhythm to run my eyes quickly as i read, sentences can be only 2 words. and they are odd, i have to extract the meaning. its good for me to grind to a screeching halt as i read, otherwise i can zip through books so rapidly, i have read 5 books in day before, but this book will take me days, there is no speed reading with this author.

stacy stopped by and gave me her card, implored me to call in all the unsavory, she will be sorry when i do!

told cherly about the iris in peak bloom now, asked her to join us on our dog walk... problem is the cows were there, had to leave quickly before the dogs got in trouble. i keep saying tomorrow i will get pics, but everyday is so cold gray and gale-ish i fear things may never be sunny and calm again until fall. quick quick quick walk.

laura called for a brief chat, told me about nola and the voodoo shops she hit. told me she got me bones... oy, i would rather have a bbq!

scott walks in the door 5 minutes before our dinner date, yippee he is home! and he came traveling with a gift... which i had to tear into becasue i was just too curious not to... and this person has exquisite taste, and i squealed with joy ;-)

thank you!

off we went to dinner, dave and cherly drive home tomorrow so its our bon voyage dinner. stella was sneaky and paid the bill, i find it embarrassing since i asked everyone, so not what i wanted. set nicole straight, do not ever ever ever let stella pay when she is with us again!

scott was asleep the moment we got in the door, he slept 11 and half hours, he is napping again as i write this the next day...

4/27 saturday

worse fog yet and its getting colder and colder! thank heavens scott is on doggie detail this weekend :-) had our typical giant beach breakfast and then head off to find the sun. first stop is at doran to get a county park pass for the year. we walked a wee bit of the beach, but i was too darn cold to want to stay. funny i can walk our beach everyday and not be cold, but i was frozen and just not in the mood to be cold any more... straight out there is our house~

been to foggy to even see boats from our house all week, who can resit cute doggies...

whale watching...


i think it must be a law that every camper have at least 12 whirlywhigs on site...

there was a fishermans festival in bodega bay, PACKED! soooooo many peoples and cars, fire dept, sheriff, helicopter rides. of course scott had no interest in stopping... went to the headland to check on the yellow lupine, its barely started, but the place was deserted. EVERYONE IS AT THE FESTIVAL! no whales and to cold to care!

drove down the coast to headlands, the blue lupine is peaking, stopped the car and grabbed some cuttings. fingers crossed...

stopped at a couple of nurseries on the way back, i bought 2 trees, not what i wanted, but i wanted to get it done... he sold them to me 20% off, i wasn't going to walk away from that. found a statue i like, isabella, scott liked her but i could tell spending money was not on his mind...

it was just good to be back in the sun~

home in the late afternoon to the freezing cold fog again. its 95 at home and in the 30s here... i am sick of wind, it slices through you, who cares if you just are reading inside, but it IS nice to be outside... except now i don't wanna be :-(

tricia emailed that i had 2 packages left at the mail box again, so many problems and she has been kind enough to scoop them all up and deliver them for us. i called to tell her a sale on violets in march, hopefully it was a fair trade?

attempted to make a bacon basket... didn't go to well, plus i can't even tell if bacon is crisp. put it outside to cool, but it fell apart as lifted it off, read to freeze it. fine i will look at it tomorrow, i bet is just a grease ball and very unappealing... it is a brilliant salad bowl idea though~

ok, scott smelled bacon during his nap and wanted it for dinner...

i will say its fabulous!

4/28 sunday

another wet heavy heavy foggy morn, but no wind and you know it wants to break, please? actually in the middle of the night the skies were clear and the moon bright. a minus 1.3 tide this morn at 8 am so down we went to explore.

first off is a huge incident with a crummy pet owner... the beach is wide open, i adore minus tides, makes me tingle with anticipation in the new landscape. we are the only car there, the other few people there must have walked down from the campgrounds. our dogs are having a great time, across a tide pool about 100 feet a way a jack russel rushes towards us into the water, it can barely swim so i am now tuned into it. i don't see its owner as it kicks straight legs out and only head up, rump sunk. its a shallow pool but huge and i would have to wade over 100' to help it... it makes it out and CHARGES CASSIE full on snarling lips pulled back on the attack. i watch for a minute and realize its not stopping, its not barking, its bearing teeth ready to bite... cassie is shy and afraid of other dogs, but she couldn't get away and debated taking it on just a few feet apart.

there are 4 people just standing there, NO ONE IS CALLING THEIR DOG. i knew maggie would be trouble, she would rush over to defend cassie, she is not shy, she can be aggressive. i scream who owns this dog because now its aggression is going on and on. no one responds, the ladies next to me say hey its not our dog. i am starting to fume. and as to be expected, to the rescue comes maggie, she challenges the runt and 5 people cheer and applaud for maggie rescuing cassie. but i am still worried there will be a dog fight, with blood and guts, plus i have broken up dog fights, people get bit. i was in the hospital for 2 weeks, i know these things... i am so mad, the girls tell me the old couple 100' away with 2 other dogs leashed own it. i scream leash your dog NOW. they do nothing, like bumbling fools just standing away from the whole confrontation while 4 women and scott and i try to get our dogs leashed and away from this monster dog still after mine. then of course cassie gets out of her collar...

i keep screaming get your damn dog, the entire time they were always 100' away, no i am sorry, no nothing, never ever heard them call the damn dog. one of the ladies tells me the dog doesn't come to its name... confrontation is going on the entire time, i scream all the more reason to never let your dog off leash if you can't control it. then the old man, who has never once apologized, called his dog or said anything yells what are you some kind of dog psychologist, well YES I SCREAM, I AM, AREN'T YOU LUCKY I AM HERE. now leash your dog you are ruining our morning. he NEVER CAME OVER... then the wife yells he is not socialized, she could have meant her husband too, i scream back and so you let it OFF LEASH?!

i am fuming, after 15 minutes of total dog chaos they get the dog leashed and away from ours. the problem is minus tide is at 8:25, i have just wasted precious time trying to avoid bloodshed and those idiots never apologized, they should never have let that damn dog loose. i told the ladies i am especially hyper to bad dogs since i had to put my dog down due to aggression. when i see bad dogs and complacent owners i want to brain them right off the bat, but when their crummy dogs are trying to bite mine, i am going to come at you like a ninja warrior and protect my own!

ok bloodshed diverted, scott gets our dogs far away in the opposite direction and off we go to the tide pools. i have never seen it so low, it was like a wonderland! there is only the girls and one other family, we walked down to the end of the houses, i was to afraid to go farther since the tide was coming back now and i know that none of this is ever accessible unless minus minus minus. in the fog farther down i see fisherman, minus tides draws out everyone. i saw scads of starfish, still not as thick as it was before the red tide killed off so much, but it was thrilling to see them every step of the way...

i found a crab and i was worried others would harm it so put him in my basket and took him to the surf line. i began to panic when he would not release the basket with his active pinches and i am more apt to sink with him in the wave then him running to freedom. had to dunk the basket in anther pool and he released himself and scurried off underwater to the rock base.

the ladies told scott about the 18 legged starfish under the rock. was just a fun fun fun morning once that rabid mongrel was leashed and removed from our path.

came home in the heavy fog and gave cassie a very much needed bubble bath. she has been so stinky i thought she was the dead rodent smell that has been haunting me indoors all week...

got the trees planted and scott went to grab his sunday paper for his morning reading ritual on the deck. its noon and the sun has just appeared, I CAN SEE THE BEACH! i can see the deck, i can SEE!!! its been 7 whole days of gray~

with the sun shinning time to make hay! we head back up the coast, but first a few little neighborhood shots in the sunshine...

i just want to relish in the blue lupine bushes. last year i was wild over the yellow bushes peeking on the headland, it was like a fairy tale, the scent was so sweet and strong and colors luminous, this year the blue are peeking NOW and i just wanted to be right in the midst of them. its only one small stretch that has an abundance of them, but its still worth the drive. since i took so many pics i will post them on their own page, i love them to much not to share a gazillion pics!

was a glorious outing, gathered some seeds and flowers so i can illustrate another book i brought over that i wanted to play with later. mine bloom pink at home and in the fall, so the timing was perfect to read and play in the same season.

i always love to see painters on the coast. this was a group of little old women, such the life...

scott is napping, i looked over my book again to select 5 things i wanted to explore. funny i found closer to 20, i know i will get a kick out of being an art explorer. waiting for him to wake so we can head down to the iris, want to get them in the sunshine, my biggest fear is the fog will return before he wakes...

was a stunning shank of the evening at the headlands. its so hard to capture the depth and breadth of these iris, but i tried. scott was on dog patrol as i poked slowly trying someway to share the 100s of acres of these tiny beauties.

dogs will be dogs, they both rolled feverishly in fresh cow pies... we almost gagged coming home with them, on with the rubber gloves and second baths of the day for these stink pots... while they dried, fat chance, in the garage, we headed out to dinner at the cafe, sunday special is 5 dollar fish and chips :-) it is a stunning evening a gorgeous setting sun on a calm beach, heavy sigh to a fabulous day by the sea, its amazing what a little sun can do for this place~